What is NIaaS?: Meet the Mobile Ecosystem’s Newest Secret Weapon

Today’s CPaaS providers, MNOs and MVNOs, financial institutions and enterprises of all types are facing unique challenges. From fraud to routing to the integration of new cutting-edge services, keeping services competitive is a tall order that’s growing by the day. 

In an era of tight competition, increasing pressure on security and anti-fraud measures and growing complexity from masses of routing demands, being able to outsource expertise is absolutely vital. Attempting to train and maintain internal resources amid constantly changing requirements can easily begin to spread organizations thin, creating gaps that can either be exploited by bad actors or create lackluster customer results. 

This fast-moving landscape and constant barrage of demands cross security, agility, mobility, innovation and beyond are putting new and meaningful emphasis on the role of ‘as-a-service’ (aaS) solutions in mobile ecosystems. These ‘aaS’ options present a host of high-value advantages for global players in the mobile landscape — but one data-based option might just reign supreme.

The Role of ‘aaS’ Solutions for Mobile Requirements

Where mobile freedom and unfettered communications have created a new, rich world for businesses and end users alike, keeping this reality afloat amid new requirements, threats and challenges is no small feat. To keep pace, more organizations are turning to trusted solutions that can be delivered on a subscription basis. With as-a-service options like these, organizations can outsource the management and support of key operations, getting the industry’s best minds and tools on the job without sacrificing core competencies or overexerting internal teams. 

This as-a-service model has grown in prevalent across various industries, offering a number of key benefits — benefits that become especially valuable for B2B contexts in the mobile landscape:

  1. Scalability: As-a-service solutions are great for building scalability into businesses in a way that suits changing needs. Whether a business needs to attune its service usage based on volume, users or features, as-a-service options offer flexibility for growing businesses without requiring large upfront investments.
  2. Advanced Resources: Service providers that solely focus on offering key managed solutions are always staying up-to-date with the latest and greatest offerings, developing new technologies and finding new ways to apply valuable insights. With as-a-service solutions, users can benefit from the tools, strategies and insights of experts to realize significant benefits — without doing the research, development or heavy lifting. 
  3. Business Continuity: Being backed by a team of pros and having added peace of mind is a benefit that is becoming increasingly vital, making the added layers of security offered by aaS solutions especially important. As-a-service options often come with maintenance, update and support capabilities built in, which means an organization is never on its own if it needs to handle a challenge or respond to a changing industry need. Ultimately, this increases two of the most important aspects of business in today’s mobile environment: Reliability and continuity. 

These three benefits are just skimming the surface of the rich value delivered by as-a-service options. However, true value for the mobile ecosystem doesn’t just rely on any managed service or subscription solution — it all comes down to how a provider has done the work to identify the most pressing challenges in today’s industry. 

As it turns out, delivering data-based insights is the best way to tackle all of the biggest, most complicated mobile challenges of our day — and these data-based solutions can now be leveraged in a strategic aaS model. 

NIaaS: Unlocking Benefits Across Routing, Provisioning and Trust

Everyone wants a service that can deliver at scale. Ideally, we’re all looking for a solution that can optimize operations across multiple high-value areas instead of having to adopt different options and integrate different partners for each use case. 

NIaaS (Number Intelligence as a Service) is the solution to every mobile ecosystem provider’s dreams. Built on global, real-time, industry-leading phone number intelligence data (which is—or should be—the central pillar of any operations), NIaaS empowers organizations of all types to harness game-changing insights to build better routing, provision more advanced services, and protect against fraud. 

(New to number intelligence? Get the full scoop on why this resource needs to be part of your mobile operations now — not later.)

For those that don’t yet know about the magic of phone number intelligence data, here’s what you need to know: This data is a mixture of behavioral information, reachability insights, trust scores, porting information and much, much more. Having access to these kinds of insights can not only safeguard ecosystems against bad actors, but can significantly simplify routing to avoid complexity and also support advanced A2P campaigns or other innovative communications by adding true visibility. If your mobile ecosystem feels like a storm of complexity, phone number intelligence data is your headlights, windshield wipers and four-wheel drive all in one, getting you where you need to go safely and comfortably. 

So, what’s the role of NIaaS? In essence, NIaaS takes all the value of the phone number intelligence data itself and adds the advantage of hands-on, reliable support from the experts who have created these world-leading solutions. This sees all the benefits of as-a-service models realized with the added value of phone number intelligence data, paving the way for any organization to get game-changing ecosystem results. 

In essence: This is highly powerful data and ecosystem tools delivered in an intuitive, trusted, easy-to-use and reliable format, offering the very best of global intelligence resources and databases backed by the support of the world’s leading experts. 

In the fight against fraud and the pursuit of simplified operations (yes, even in the face of increasingly complicated demands), NIaaS represents a quantum leap forward. Want to learn more? Check out our recent press release here.