Top 5 Carrier ID Benefits: Meet Telecom’s Leading Routing Solution

Carrier ID

In the incredibly complex world of phone number routing – where hundreds of millions of consumers port their phone numbers between carriers each year – one solution stands head and shoulders above the rest in providing accurate, real-time routing data – Carrier ID from our innovative team here at netnumber Global Data Services.

Why? In this article, we’ll share the top five reasons why Communication Services Providers (CSPs), Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Enterprises increasingly turn to Carrier ID for comprehensive phone number data to overcome number portability challenges.


  1. Carrier ID’s Global Coverage

In case you missed it, Carrier ID has expanded to include even more markets. Carrier ID’s coverage area now includes the west-central African country of Cameroon. In addition, we also recently onboarded Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong and Ghana.

With these service expansions, netnumber GDS customers can access high-quality, normalized and up-to-date number portability data for all 110+ countries where number portability is implemented. Additionally, this enhanced coverage enables the delivery of even better quality data and response times with a denser data access fabric, improving customer experiences and outcomes. To meet your ever-evolving requirements, Carrier ID can be deployed as a cloud service in AWS or on customer premises.

  1. Carrier ID is the One-Stop for Number Portability Data Worldwide

Carrier ID’s best-in-class portability-corrected data ensures that the mobile ecosystem can provide the most accurate, reliable and efficient routing despite the growing rate of number porting from carrier to carrier. 

Carrier ID is backed by our netnumber GDS’ Global Carrier Mapping Registry (GCMR), data normalization and NNID (netnumber ID) offerings. Our GCMR database — the most widely utilized identification tool of its kind — is available free to our customers and offers a vast amount of pivotal phone number data. The GCMR identifies every communications service provider in over 200 countries, translating that identification (NNID) into mission-critical information about the destination operator.

While other solutions rely on identifying carriers by Mobile Country Code or Mobile Network Code (which can easily become confused due to carriers sharing the same codes or not having a code), a unique NNID overcomes common complexity pitfalls. NNID solves issues caused by high levels of formatting variability across number portability and code range data between different countries. We ensure all this data comes to the customer in a single, simplified format, making routing optimization and API integration easier than ever.


  1. Averts the High Cost of Undelivered Communications

It’s no accident that Carrier ID provides the industry’s most accurate routing information, which, in turn, helps carriers avoid charges for undelivered voice calls and messages. Carrier ID’s capabilities stem from netnumber GDS’ role as the world-leading provider of phone number intelligence data. This status is reflected in our comprehensive collection of global number databases, the netnumber Services Registry, and other data sets curated over 20 years at the forefront of telecommunications. 

With access to these robust data sets and netnumber GDS’s unique ability to vet and validate phone number insights, customers can certify that their messages and voice calls will always reach the correct carrier and subscriber. In addition to avoiding the cost of undelivered communications, mobile providers can: 

  • Avoid expensive call forwarding fees
  • Accurately leverage least-cost routing solutions, which saves on SMS and voice call termination costs
  • Reduce the latency of SMS delivery and voice call setup
  • Improve conversion rates and user experience with reduced delivery times and retries
  • Save on setup, capital and operational costs through our managed services offering
  • Enhance mobile ecosystem visibility and security. 


  1. Carrier ID Fights Fraud

Number portability emerged in the 1990s and is now enjoyed by millions of consumers around the world. While regarded as good for consumers and good for the market, it has also become a potential gateway for fraudsters seeking to exploit insufficiently secure porting processes for illegal monetary gain, aka port-out fraud. Fortunately, CSPs, MNOs and enterprises can safeguard against this practice through Carrier ID mechanisms that raise alarms if a phone number has been recently ported from one service provider to another, along with its ability to verify the validity of ported numbers in real-time to circumvent possible scams. 

  1. Carrier ID’s Extensive, Worldwide Network Ensures Unparalleled Reliability and Uptime

We deliver Carrier ID and all of its benefits across an extensive, strategically expanding global network with worldwide points of presence. Our best-in-class infrastructure is fast, reliable, and highly available — offering 99.999% uptime across billions of queries and phone numbers, hundreds of data sets, and hundreds of millions of provisioning requests every month. 

With these advantages, Carrier ID is a key global solution that ensures the mobile ecosystem can create more accurate, cost-effective, simplified and secure communications on a global scale. 

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