Top 3 Reasons Why Best-in-Class Global Infrastructure is Non-Negotiable

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Speed is everything today, especially across the global mobile ecosystem. It’s a vast and complex communications chain that must deliver services at a near-instantaneous pace. In voice calls, for instance, even latencies higher than a few milliseconds are unacceptable as they would negatively impact the call setup time. Carrier-grade services are expected in today’s landscape and reliable, flexible infrastructure built to scale is required as the mobile ecosystem continues on a rapid global growth trajectory. 

That’s why - due to our extensive experience and strategically located global connectivity infrastructure - we are able to meet these demands with our points-of-presence all over the world available via endpoints that are always close to our customers’ platforms and data centers. For our customers, this means we provide best-in-class infrastructure that is fast, reliable and always available. Specifically, we provide:

  • 13 regions across 7 countries with active points-of-presence
  •  16 additional regions where nodes are added on demand – deployment is done in hours.

Let’s take a closer look at the top reasons why superior infrastructure is simply non-negotiable. 

  1. Low Latency Requirements 

As an industry-leading telecom solutions provider, we understand that extremely rapid delivery is critical for just about every use case. For example, we know that even slight delays in message delivery leads to reduced conversion rates. As a result, our services have been built with the lowest latency in mind and support customers all over the world who run critical telecoms traffic. This goal is enhanced by our many points of presence, which are interconnection locations spread across various regions.

  1. High Performance and Scalability Needs

Customer transaction volumes vary, with some having peaks of tens of thousands of transactions per second. This means huge volumes of data traversing through our solutions, which, in turn, places a high demand on our infrastructure. Rest assured - our innovative technologies have got this covered. With an infrastructure carefully designed to support very high transaction volumes, our customers can count on near-instant delivery and best-in-class performance.

In addition, our solutions are built to easily expand to meet our customers’ needs. Our deployment solutions have been designed to scale as much as needed and to easily accommodate our customer workloads. 

  1. Redundancy and Flexibility are a Must 

By having multiple endpoints which are geographically redundant, customers know our services will continuously be up and running. Downtime is practically non-existent for our solutions. We also pride ourselves on flexibility. netnumber GDS has grown a reputation in the market for being solution-oriented and adapting to customer requirements for service integration. 

From the flexibility of our deployment models and APIs to our experienced technical team, we make sure each project becomes a success.

The Numbers Tell the Story 

At netnumber Global Data Services, we are a core part of the messaging ecosystem and have been for more than 20 years. That’s why when we talk about transaction volumes, and our ability to expertly handle them, we’re talking about massive numbers. Consider the following statistics: We process hundreds of billions of queries, maintain hundreds of global data sets, have billions of phone numbers in our registries, and handle hundreds of millions of provisioning events per month. Through it all, we maintain 99.999% + service availability. 

To Learn More:

netnumber Global Data Services delivers market-leading real-time number data and routing solutions to Enterprises as well as Messaging and Communication Service Providers, powering communication networks globally, strengthening security and combating fraud. 

If you’d like to learn more about how netnumber Global Data Services can help your organization find the best solutions to meet your needs, contact us here.